At the base of Yding Skovhøj and Danish soil. Salad at its best.


At the Base of ... 

Yding Skovhøj, Yding Grønt is located. Yding Skovhøj is almost the highest "mountain" in Denmark situated around the village of Yding in Eastern part of Jutland. Very beautiful surroundings.  

The location contributes to nutrition-rich soil conditions and a landscape with excellent light apt for growing many types and colors of baby salads (leaves) and herbs. Products are available in bulk for B2B - or in different packagings either as unwashed or as washed/cut convenient solutions. In mono-cultures or attractive mixes.   

Mission and Vision 

"Our mission is to provide easy access to health year-round through green food solutions -  backed by high quality standards and uncompromising food safety”

"Our vision is to be present in any meal solution 24-7 as a tribute to the healthy life”



True Customer Orientation 

We have a no nonsense philosophy: Our success relies on the success of our custormers - and on our ability to provide great product solutions and ultimate customer service. We are victorious and dedicated, but stay humble in all our doings. It is a great privilige to orchestrate a large and growing customer base built on many years of close collaboration. We grow together with our customers.