Climb the Convenience Ladder 

In its nature, baby salads are convenient and easy to handle - both for customers and for consumers.

But Yding Grønt deliver different degrees of convenience. As a trendy company, we have a directional urge to raise the level of convenience and make it even easier and more appealing to eat green meal solutions. So to speak - we move up the Convenience Ladder starting from the authentic raw salad up to sophisticated sliced solutions ready-to-eat, ready-to-go at the top.

A distinctive characteristics  is our ability to maintain a strong market position and relevance on the various "steps on the ladder". Despite being af smart technology company, we do not forget our deep-rooted knowledge and heritage of growing salad. Success starts with the pure product.  

Propelling Innovation 

Breaking new boundaries is paramount and part of Yding Grønt DNA. 

A strong team of product developers constantly focus on tomorrow's needs in close collaboration with customers and consumers - and the market executives. 

We look beyond tomorrow to ensure just the right portfolio of products - even though planning is not everything. The agility to act just-in-time to serve  customers is key -  shortening development cycles for all wins. 

Agile Trading Excellence 

Managing year-round operations 24-7, trading is one of our key competences. We have a global mindset and multi-language capabilities.

Import takes place from selected and certificed suppliers in Southern Europe - suppliers with whom we have a close and transparent relationsship to fuel long-term cooperation. '

View Yding Grønt also as a hub for connecting suppliers and customers. Our clock-speed flow of goods and high rotation makes it easy to solve any customer need or sudden occured problem. Yding Grønt understand the essence of service and timing.