Corporate Values    

Responsibility – we expect that our employees take responsibility and commit themselves. We “can do”, and we “want to”.

Diligence – we think it is fun to be busy, also making awaken time run faster.

Respect – we respect each other based on honesty, loyalty and caring – and by bringing a smile.

Creative urge – we inspire creativity and high ambitions to build our future. Never finished. Always on-the-move to reach next level fuelled by unconventional thinking.

Winner instinct – we strive to reach higher every day as individuals and as a company. Do encourage each other in that sense.



Its all about People   

Even that several processes are automated and blessings for smart technolgy, we heavily rely on great human resources. 
Our true asset is our dedicated and strongly committed work force. Trusted and hard working associates. Close to 100 headcounts now. Many of them with long standing seniority. Anniversaries keep coming. Guess why. 
Nationalities represent e.g. Lithuania, Estland, Poland, Ukraine, Thailand, Croatia and Denmark. The blend of cultures and diversity stimulate a lot of energy and collective power. Together we win.   

Corporate Social Responsibility

Yding Grønt is keen on CSR in relation to good behavior and implementation across the value chain. A matter of walk-the-talk. 

- We want to be seen as a social responsible company in every aspect    
- We are ready to challenge conventions in food and dietary in a CSR direction
- We note our role as a local significant employer and act upon 
- We have an obligation to exploit, inspire and nourish our know-how in healthy foods
- We look at United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with respect and inspiration
Yding Grønt is certified in relation to the GRASP regulation under GLOBALG.A.P. (GlobalG.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice) with regularly audits.