Field Operations  

Yding Grønt run several hundres of hectar land for babyleaves.

Cultivation takes place on cultivation beds which are 1.35 m wide. Seeding is done with a 
special seed drill machine that sows 15 rows on a bed. Between 2000-5000 seeds / m2 are sown, depending on the type of baby leaves.

The growth period varies from 3-7 weeks depending on the season and weather conditions - and the exact culture. 
After harvest, the products are delivered to the production facility and vacuum cooled very fast for maintaining maximum freshness. 

Washing and Processing  

Yding Grønt has the latest technology and machinery to excel in smart and efficient processess. This goes for our washing lines and for our sophisticated cutting equipment - adjusted to different sizes and shapes. Only the sky is the limit in terms of solutions. 
Strong capacity to meet customer requirements - led it be large customized batch productions or special combinations of vegetables. We innovate together. 
Do not hesitate to contact our export and trading manager for further info to fulfil your needs - click the contact button. 

Packaging and Handling   

Products come in various packaging designs suited to the specific market segment and apt for customization for individual customers (e.g. PL solutions).

Deliveries can be in bulk for B2B industry purpose, as topsealed bowls for ready-to-eat mix, as vacuum bags or in a number of bag types for the specific purpose. 

Packaging operations rely on smart machinery and on craftmanship escpecially for small batch orders.