Yding Grønt not only grow a variety of salad variations. We also produce and innovate state-of-the-art convenience products which are washed and/or cut salad/ leaves/vegetables/mix in many solutions, all ready-to-use. 

Our definition of convenience in short: It has to be delicious, fresh, fast and inspiring to access for our many customers and their customers.

Quality and food safety is key also based on our GlobalG.A.P certification. No matter what, we walk-the-talk in every aspect of the company when it comes to quality.  

Lastly, leave a moment to catch our clear mission and vision:


"Our mission is to provide easy access to health year-round through green food solutions -  backed by high quality standards and uncompromising food safety”


"Our vision is to be present in any meal solution 24-7 as a tribute to the healthy life”